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Dear Stephanie Flowers

Dear Sen. Stephanie Flowers, You recently made national news when you stood up against a Stand Your Ground Law in Arkansas. You verbatim said that daily on the news were stories of black men being killed by white men and this would just give them an excuse to commit murder? Where are those stories? I haven't seen any, and trust me I've looked. I did find the following during my search:In 2017, 40 white persons were arrested for murder, but 92 black people were arrested for murder. 77% of Arkansas is white and only 15% is black. That doesn't really make much sense does it? Shouldn't the black murder rate be reason of logic be 20??? If you are only fifteen percent of the population logic would be that the murder rate would be similar. Instead, the murder rate for blacks is nearly five times what it should be. Call me crazy but I see people saying we should do away with police and monitor ourselves, then people like you come out against stand your gr
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Before you write an inmate...

The show Love after Lockup is a huge hit, predominately because it's impossible to not watch a train wreck. If you are determined to learn nothing from this show, read on. A human being can actually change their entire life around for the better and be a better person. Those issue are frequently lurking in the back ground, ever present, waiting for the moment to pounce. Are they redeemed? Possibly, but having a romantic relationship with someone who is fighting demons, sometimes on a daily basis, is harder then the average relationship. There is absolutely a culture behind bars to swindle money from unsuspecting persons who are not familiar with street or jail culture. If you are not educated about how that life works, you are sitting there like a raw steak on a silver platter for a predator. It does seem that women do this more often so beware of extremely good looking and sexy photos intended to lure you. I have heard of men doing it but it would be the exceptional

Tabitha Buck

Tabitha Buck was convicted in the murder of Lauri Show along with Lisa Michelle Lambert. Clearly, time has been kind to neither woman. Inside sources tell us Tabitha is quiet, keeps to herself and avoids all unnecessary drama. When the Supreme Court ruled that life sentences without parole were unconstitutional when utilized against juveniles, Buck became eligible to be re-sentenced for her role in the murder. She had the decency to testify on the stand, stating: “Honestly, I have some mixed emotions about today’s proceedings,” she said. “I can’t imagine how Laurie’s family feels that this is even happening. I also can’t imagine how my family is feeling that this is even happening”. Time will tell if she is safe to live in society without causing futher harm to others. In her defense, she was new to the area, had no friends and was befriended by Lambert who has proven herself to be controlling, domineering, and rather mentally ill. If released, she would relocate to Oregon, wher

Sterling Kohen & Questions

Sterling Kohen was a three month and thirty day old baby. At his murder trial, the prosecutor used the word malicious many times and to be honest, it's the perfect word. He was born healthy and over the course of his very short life he remained so and gained weight and grew. At some unknown point and for reasons that are not particularly clear, she began to resent his intrustion on the life she had shared with her older daughter Nala and he boyfriend Zach. He was found in a house that contained everything he needed to survive – formula, bottles, diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, and clean clothing and blankets. It was not as if they could not afford to care for him. The father believed he was not his child and ignored him for the most part, which no doubt played a part in his mother's rejection. Both parents were abusing meth at the time of the murder. The father was gainfully employed and provided for the physical needs of the child. At the Zach's trial, DN

Lessons From Carolyn Heckert

Carolyn has never been convicted of a murder, so we can not legally call her a murderer. Regardless there are lessons we can learn from her story. When she was a teen, her ex-boyfriend, Matt Uland began dating Sarah De Leon, who was later found stabbed to death. It made national news when charges were filed against her in the case from 1989. Unfortunately for the victim's family, a judge dismissed those charges against her due to lack of evidence, which did not make national news. The good news/bad news about this event is that it doesn't constitute double jeopardy, but rather means she can be tried at a later date when more evidence becomes available. The bad news is Sarah's family must wait even longer for justice and justice delayed certainly feels like justice denied. Years later, Carolyn had an affair with Tim Ault, whose wife, Diana Ault, was found shot in her kitchen dead, with her four year old son witnessing the murder. He had recently ended the affair p

Five Reasons the Perfect Murder Doesn't Exist

I write creatively and enjoy watching crime shows. Subsequently, I often think about writing about a perfect murder. There are so many current ways to be caught now, I simply don't believe it's possible unless you kill a complete stranger thousands of miles away. This type of murder, thankfully is rare. Most often when homicide is considered a viable option, it is someone known intimately to you. Besides the obvious fact that murder is an abnormal solution, it's highly unlikely you would successfully commit a murder, especially considering you find yourself here. Motive If you have enough anger or hut to kill someone, chances are motive would be easy to prove. Debt, money, love and sex are motives for murder on a daily, if not hourly occasion. One of the most frequent murder is that of a significant other, married or not. This is a person who has full access to both your life and your emotions. Unless both parties are super private people, there's issues on d

Why Black Lives Matter is Offensive

BLM has many fundamental issues which have been listed many other places, so I'll avoid even the most obvious to get to the heart of this post. On Sept. 10, 2017, Kenneka Jenkins attended a hotel party with friends, became very intoxicated and was left alone to her own devices, despite having close friends with her. Subsequently, she wandered into a walk in freezer, in the dark and was locked in. She died from hypothermia. This story got so much media attention, it was headlined for weeks. There were protests at the hotel and many conspiracy theories got air play, including the urban legend of organ theft that exists in the black community (the theory that whites steal organs from blacks when they need transplants). On April 25 of the same year, Semaj Crosby was reported missing by her family. She was later found dead inside a couch of the same home. CPS had visited the family the same day she went missing and no actions were taken despite the level of filth and lack of houseke